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Honey - from the honey island swamp basin

Harvested IN Southeast, Louisiana

why us?


Your Doux Bee Honey arrives in an elegant hexagon jar with our exclusive logo. All lids have a built in classic honey dipper that adds a small element of tradition.

luxury, Louisiana STYLE

We have the luxury of living in the Pearl River watershed, which encompasses the legendary Honey Island Swamp, so named for the number of honeybees. Honey Island is 70,000 acres of some of the least altered swamp in the nation and our bees’ range includes access to its sprawl and its native plants. We offer luxury honey, with Louisiana flair. 

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About the owner

Seth Tharpe

My story…I suppose everyone’s story is fascinating, as each is lived in some context of how it began, and most stories are full of very real emotions and challenges. Mine began with a tiny protozoa called toxoplasmosis. Toxo attacks the central nervous system;  in my case it did so congenitally.  80% of those with toxo experience learning and visual disabilities. I live daily with challenges that do not allow me full dexterity and freedom of movement, perfect visual acuity, and some other luxuries, but keeping bees is certainly in my toolbox.

I’m fortunate to have an amazing support system in my family, from which I receive help and some good advice. Bees give me a hobby I can thrive in and a vocation through which I can provide myself with an income. 

I have learned that this life is filled with personal stories, stories of those with great gifts which sometimes contain great sadness.  Then there are those with, in the eyes of the casual observer, lesser gifts yet somehow coupled with determination and happiness.  The latter is the path, the life I have for this collection of trips around the sun and I am making a beautiful go of it…